Monday, 19 October 2020

Twinings Teas - SAP Warehouse Modernisation

 Twinings is a 300 year old supplier of Tea, Coffee and infusion drinks.  Their Enterprise computer system is SAP and they run the whole business on this platform. However over time the warehouse system ( SAP WM ) had been left behind and so Twinings embarked on a radical overhaul of the warehouse, its software front end into SAP and the mobile devices that they used to manage all the warehouse transactions. 

Alan Talbot - Projects Systems Manager tells the story of the upgrade and the benefits and efficiency that Twinings gained from the new hardware and software.

Barcode-IT take the time to fully understand your business processes and the needs and methods in the warehouse, as well as your WMS and ERP system. Making sure they the devices that you install are as perfect as possible for your operations and budget. We understand that some applications will need very rugged devices that may need to scan barcodes from a distance, while other parts of the business require smaller light industrial devices, with less intensive usage needs.

If your business needs to have a mobile device refresh or is building a new warehouse, its time to call in the professionals at Barcode-IT. Call now on 01200 441977 or email

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