Monday, 27 April 2020

Preparing Your Business For Change: Are You Ready For Business Post COVID-19 Lockdown?

As the UK’s response to the Coronavirus (COVID-19) continues to develop, organisations are facing significant challenges and need to respond rapidly, whether that is immediately or following re-opening after lockdown. Everyone is speculating about it, but no-one really knows when the lockdown will end or what post lockdown UK will look like, especially for non-essential businesses, who are currently furloughed. 
The COVID-19 pandemic has highlighted to us all, just how important it is to ensure that information about illness and health is communicated efficiently. One thing we can be sure of, is that additional measures will need to be put into place within businesses to protect both staff and visitors, and prevent the further spread of this, or any other virus in the future.

Under the current regulations, the virus has made it crucial for workplaces to limit unnecessary person-to-person contact and potential transmission incidents. But once the lockdown is ended, it will become more important than ever that businesses have their own way of screening visitors and staff members coming into the building, to protect other employees and prevent further spread. If someone, who may be a risk to the health and safety of staff, enters your premises, you need to be able to identify them and take any necessary action; whether that’s to allow them entry in a controlled manner or to ask them to kindly reschedule and return at a later date dependant on your own company protocol for denying entry of high-risk individuals.

By implementing an automated entry system (Visitor Management System), businesses are able to pre-register individuals scheduled to visit site or simply ask them to answer questions at reception. This technology makes it possible to inform your visitors of site rules, PPE requirements and explain the check in process, whilst having the ability to store and recall this important information easily and quickly. Visitors can be asked questions regarding recent health issues and foreign travel, as this will be critical to mitigate the risk of any disease spreading through your business.

Barcode-IT are able to provide you with a fully digitised visitor entry solution, which can be tailored specifically to your business and any Health and Safety requirements you may have. We already supply visitor entry solutions into FMCG businesses around the UK, as it has been important for them to track visitors coming into their premises from the point of view of contamination for many years. Now the same may be the case for all businesses, so that records and information can be provided quickly to the relevant authorities, should the need arise.

If you would like to discuss the benefits of a digitised visitor entry system for your business or find out more information, please contact us on 01200 441977 or e-mail.

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