Monday, 25 November 2019

Create Barcode Labels Fast! Do's and Don'ts

Barcode Label Printing - Retail - Industrial and Warehouse
Tips and Best Practice

Barcode label printing can seem a very complex process, with labelling standards, barcode size and quality to worry about, and on top of that the label printer, label material and barcode print quality.

While this whole process may seem daunting, actually a few simple rules govern the use and printing of barcode labels and a professional specialist business should be able to guide you to the right solution.
Complex barcode label
So the real advise is, Use a Professional Supplier to buy the whole solution.  Avoid buying the separate items, Software, Printers, Labels, Ribbons for different suppliers.

The reason for this thinking is that without understanding the whole process of what you need barcode labels for, what your business is and what the labels are used for, it's impossible to specify the right combination of products.

 Do's and Don'ts -  Barcode label printing

  • Do speak to the supplier about the whole project, explaining what the barcodes are for, how the labels will be used and what industry your business serves.  There may be strict rules about the use of some barcode labels. Some customers will fine you if you get it wrong!
  • Do find out how many labels per day you will print, as this will affect what model of label printer you should buy. Large volumes of labels need industrial, faster, bigger printers.
  • Do use your ERP to print labels directly, if the ERP supports barcode label printing, many such as SAP, Microsoft Dynamics and Sage will print barcode labels directly.
  • Do make it easy for workers to print labels by using "smart" labelling software that does all the work for them.
  • Do buy a support contract for the software and the label printers. Production stops when you can't print labels.

  • Don't make assumptions about the labels, experts will explain about short life DT (direct thermal) labels and long life TT (thermal transfer) labels and when to use each.
  • Don't make a different label design for each of your products, use software that will connect to a database and pull variable data directly from your ERP or data system.
  • Don't buy the cheapest Barcode Label Software and expect it to print complex labels with variable elements, such as GS1 128 - EAN 13 - SSCC - any 2D barcodes or for pharma or medical applications.
  • Don't buy your labelling software from the cheapest supplier, you will almost certainly need help and training to get the best out of your system

So if you are ready to implement a sophisticated barcode label printing solution, just pickup the phone and call the professionals at Barcode-IT on 01200 441977, or send us an email to 

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