Monday, 30 June 2014

EU Allergen regulations problem solved by Singleton's Dairies using NiceLabel

A Lancashire cheese manufacturer is a little closer to meeting new European Union regulations on Food Allergens by upgrading to the latest version of NiceLabel Powerforms.

Singleton's Dairies make top quality, iconic Lancashire cheese sold under the Grandma Singleton's brand, which is exported all over the world, but forthcoming EU regulations on the labeling of Food Allergens have required a complete re-think of the labeling process to ensure full compliance with the directive.

Fortunately Singletons have been long time users of NiceLabel and so the transition to a full database method of label printing, required to allow food allergens to be correctly identified and emboldened on every label, while still a big job, is now a manageable task.  In fact Singletons are such loyal users of NiceLabel, that they have used every version of NiceLabel over the last 11 years, from version 3 to 4 to 5 and now version 6 - NiceLabel PowerForms.

Currently EU regulations list 14 possible allergens in food ingredients, with every label now needing to show "which" allergens are contained for each and every product.  With thousands of products and variations in the range, this task needs automating to make sure no mistakes are made and so NiceLabel have developed an 'intelligent' database of the allergens, which is checked against the ingredients list at print time and if any allergen is contained in the ingredients, it is automatically made bold or underlined to allow the customer to immediately see the allergen they may wish to avoid.

Barcode-IT are also advising Singletons on the best way to structure the data and label templates, to make the whole system future proof and easy to manage, so that the number of label templates is minimised and new products information is pulled in from Microsoft Dynamics ERP automatically using ODBC.

Further information on NiceLabel Powerforms, EU food allergen directives or barcode labeling, contact the Barcode-IT team on 01200 441977 -

Tuesday, 24 June 2014

New Dexterity WMS version 3 brochure now available

latest brochure for Dexterity warehouse management systemThe latest on-line brochure for Dexterity 3 WMS is now available from the Barcode-IT website. Dexterity 3 has recently been very popular with Sage 200 users both new and old, who have seen the advanced warehouse management features in Dex 3. New customers who use Sage 200 ERP are finding that "Sage on a Gun", as some customers call Dexterity's closest rival, just does not allow them to manage their business and inventory in a flexible modern way, whereas Dexterity with its configurable interface, can cope with almost any warehouse scenario.

Existing Dexterity WMS are also lining up to upgrade to the latest version and many are also refreshing hardware at the same time. The new Dex X3 terminal (Dex Gun to most users!) is very popular and for barcode label printing the Printronix T2n is a fantastic work horse with a small footprint and a rugged construction.

Full information about Dexterity WMS can be found at our dedicated website   Warehouse-IT

Monday, 23 June 2014

Ball Aerocan chose DLoG Forklift Truck Computers

Ball Aerocan chooses DLoG Forklift Truck Computers from Barcode-IT

Ball Aerocan have chosen Barcode-IT to supply DLoG MPC6/12 forklift truck computers into their Devizes warehouse. The computers being purchased for the UK warehouse add to the large fleet of over 100 DLoG computers currently being used in France and The Czech Republic. As well as supplying the DLoG computers, Barcode-IT will be performing a wireless site survey to ensure that coverage is optimal in the warehouse and the computers stay connected to Ball Aerocans system at all times. Ball Aerocan manufacture aerosol cans and aluminium bottles for use in many industry sectors, including cosmetics, pharmaceuticals, food and beverage manufacturers.

DLoG fork truck computers are widely used by on SAP ERP systems to allow fork trucks to have real-time communications to SAP using ITS Mobile or the earlier SAPConsole.  ITSMobile is a web front end for SAP systems, giving mobile computers access to the ERP anywhere in the business that is WiFi connected or has access to a 3G or 4G mobile network

Handheld mobile computers such as Motorola and Datalogic which have small displays can still use ITSMobile as SAP have developed special small screens that can filter normal SAP screens for the 3.5 inch displays.

NiceLabel PowerForms is a big hit with SAP Business One user.

Manufacturing cardboard tubes may not seem very glamorous, but it is amazing just how many businesses rely on the simple cardboard tube. Stells is the UKs largest cardboard tube manufacturer and offers an enormous range of products.  This makes the correct labeling and shipping of the products critically important and Stells have invested in Nicelabel to work with SAP Business One, to ensure that the right label is printed with the right data at the right time.

A full description of how NiceLabel is helping Stells is available to view
here :  Stells Success Story

"The NiceLabel solution implemented by Barcode-IT makes label printing simple. The solution is robust and being seamlessly integrated with our SAP B1 software means that it really can't fail - it just works!" - Sam Stell, Director at J Stell & Sons.

Monday, 16 June 2014

Why you need Automation ( for label printing )

Barcode label printing is such an important part of the manufacturing or shipping of any product that you would think that it would be considered an important process for any business. However you would be wrong, with many companies running antiquated label production systems relying on information entered by an operator at print time with little or no management oversight on the format or data integrity of the labels being sent out.

Finally we are seeing some real progress in the Automation of label printing, where all the data and the instruction for what label to print and which printer to print it to, comes directly from the Manufacturing or ERP system, giving full control of the quality and accuracy of the labels.

NiceLabel Automation Pro has all the features needed to produce perfect labels first time every time, without human intervention ( unless you want intervention that is), using label templates created on a professional WYSIWYG designer ( NiceLabel Pro ).

Automation runs as a fully integrated service and runs in the background on a server, whenever labels are requested by the ERP.  Automation monitors multiple "triggers" at the same time, so that labels can be printed to any network label printer "on the fly".

Zebra Label printers use NiceLabel drivers.
Label printer support is the very best in the business and has drivers for every make and model of printer in the business.  In fact the World's biggest label printer manufacturer, Zebra Technologies, use NiceDrivers as their own a massive vote on confidence in itself.

NiceLabel Automation and its supporting designer and tools, run on Windows platforms, but don't be put off by this as Automation can monitor print requests from any ERP or data system running on any operating system and because it runs as a service on the Windows server, its immune from operator errors or data input issues.   Plus as a bonus, you can get a full audit file of all the labels printed, the data merged and full history of what was printed and when.

Take a leap into label printing in the 21st century and look at NiceLabel Automation, you might be surprised just how much it might improve your business.

Friday, 6 June 2014

Mobile data terminals browser based clients and RDP

Here at Barcode-IT we have seen a lot of our customers who use mobile terminals to connect to their ERP, changing from the old "green screen" Telnet sessions, to Browser based clients, like ITS Mobile for SAP users.

The problem being seen by many is that if the WiFi connection is lost, even just for a second or so, the session on the ERP system is broken and the user may have to start the transaction again.

This can be very challenging for the operator as it may result in a request to log in again and/or not allow the new login as the previous session is still active.  Either way it is maddening for both the user and the Admin team alike.

Some customers have even tried to have the browser client hosted on a remote PC using an RDP connection, but this too can be troublesome and the licensing can be very expensive.

The "Real" solution is to have an Industrial Browser such as Velocity from Wavelink, the next generation in Mobile Enterprise Browsers.
Velocity is both a client side Industrial Browser running on the mobile and a Server side host that manages all the clients requests to the ERP and protecting the sessions from connection interruptions and poor WiFi performance. It does this by acting as the proxy to the ERP and keeping the sessions alive even if the mobile client connection is lost.  So that when the mobile client reconnects to the Velocity server, the current ERP session is continued as if the mobile device had never gone way.   Velocity Overview Document

Security - Performance - Resilience

  • In addition Velocity offer other Enterprise features, such as restricted web access and device and OS lock down
  • Page rendering optimization and page caching (which enhances performance)

To learn more or to see if your Mobile workforce could benefit from this exciting new technology call the sales team at Barcode-IT now.  01200 441977 or visit our web site  Barcode-IT Website

Thursday, 5 June 2014

EU Food Allergen Labelling - Don't get caught out!

EU Directive 1169/2011 comes into force from the 13th December 2014 and will require all food manufacturers to change the way that information is displayed on ingredients labels by highlighting allergens, either in bold or by some other method.

Does this legislation affect your company? If so, is your current label printing method capable of producing labels that are compliant with these regulations?

To meet the strict requirements, both your label printing software and printers may need to be updated. Barcode-IT can provide you with the tools to print the new food allergen labels and our understanding of the requirements will ensure that the transition runs smoothly.
Label Sample

How can you ensure your labels comply?
Under the new guidelines, allergens must be highlighted within the labels by emboldening, underlining, making italic or printing allergens in colour. However, unless you create a specific label for each product, which is very time consuming, highlighting the appropriate allergen within the variable data can be difficult to achieve. Many existing label printing solutions are not capable of automatically highlighting allergens and require expensive coding to be written to enable this feature.

Additionally, the new guidelines state that text must be of a certain font size to comply. In order to fit all the information on the label, many businesses will need to upgrade their printers to 300dpi models, in order to be able to print high quality text on the labels.
NiceLabel connects to your existing product data. It can highlight allergen ingredients without the need to modify your existing product database. Simply add a table with the list of allergens and NiceLabel automatically formats the ingredients list. There is one universal template for all products and one simple print for with database and label preview.

About EU Directive 1169/2011   Scope of the new regulation:
  •  Mandatory nutrition information on processed foods
  •  Mandatory origin labelling of unprocessed meat from pigs, sheep, goats and poultry
  •  Highlighting allergens, e.g. peanuts or milk in the list of ingredients
  •  Better legibility, i.e. minimum size of text
  •  Requirements on information on allergens also cover non pre-packed foods such as those sold in restaurants and cafes 
The 14 substances and products that cause allergies or intolerances are:
Celery                        Crustaceans              Eggs                  Fish
Lupin                          Milk                             Molluscs            Mustard
Nuts                            Soy Beans        Sesames Seeds
Sulphur dioxide and sulphites

NiceLabel Design & Print Software from Barcode-IT
NiceLabel label design and print software can help you to comply with these new regulations, with minimum setup and maintenance.

To download labels and form samples, click [here].  Call 01200 441977 for more details.

Does your XP truck computer represent a security risk?

With the end of support for Windows XP, is there a security risk in continuing to run these computers on the network?

Many modern truck computers use Windows XP as the default operating system, even if there is a client application or terminal emulation actually connecting the truck computer to the ERP system.

The good news is that most DLoG computers use XP embedded, which is highly resistant to change, virus attack or trojans. XP embedded is loaded from a flash image, which cannot be changed by an external application or program and the whole operating system is reloaded everytime the truck terminal is re-started.

This means that any virus or trojan that has infected the computer is flushed away upon a computer reboot or powerdown

Some older truck computers using full Windows XP Pro, could well represent a security rick, as many companes do not have in place the full suite of anti-virus and security applications normally seen on office computers and workstations.

Dexterity WMS To Manage Tangle® Teezer's New Croydon DC

Dexterity WMS Is Chosen To Manage Tangle® Teezer's New Croydon DC
Tangle® Teezer, the manufacturer of professional detangling hairbrushes that once featured on the BBCs Dragon's Den, have chosen Dexterity WMS for Sage 200 from Barcode-IT to implement into their new Distribution Centre based in Croydon. The company currently use an existing Sage 200 Add-on to help manage their warehouse, but felt that it was not suitable for their expanding business and when searching the web found Dexterity WMS. After numerous meetings with Barcode-IT consultants, Tangle Teezer chose Dexterity WMS, a decision that they came just 4 weeks from their original enquiry!

Full information on Dexterity WMS V3 please visit our dedicated website Warehouse-IT

Wednesday, 4 June 2014

Dexterity 3 is a hit with clients old and new

The latest version if Dexterity WMS version 3, is proving to be a big hit with both current users and new clients.  Dexterity 3 was re-written from the ground up and incorporates the very latest thinking in automated warehouse management systems.

Clients such as Endon Lighting, Supreme Imports and Comline Autoparts have already signed up to upgrade to Dex3 as it offers them even more powerful tools for managing the warehouse and their growing

New Clients
Sage Developer

Many new customers are also seeing the benefits of the new Dexterity, with many coming to Barcode-IT from Sage Resellers, whose Sage 200 customers need an advance automated warehouse with modern barcode driven terminals, with powerful put-a-way, picking and shipping strategies.

Recent new clients include Tangle Teezer for their brand new DC in Croyden, The Wunda Group, specialists in under floor heating and Cofresh, manufacturers of Britain's favourite Indian snacks.

Full information on Dexterity WMS V3 please visit our dedicated website Warehouse-IT

Tuesday, 3 June 2014

Welcome to our new Blog

We have taken the plunge and started this Blog for all things about Barcodes, Data Collection and Warehouse Management.  Soon we hope to have pages that are more specific for each topic and will be able to go into more depth about the opportunities and challenges that Barcode driven technology can bring to your business.

Please feel free to make comments or offer suggestions for new articles and posts, or to ask questions about any aspect of the use of Barcodes.