Wednesday, 8 April 2020

Security in the Cloud? How to stay safe when using Cloud applications.

We are all having our first real taste of Cloud based applications during the COVID-19 pandemic, and like all shiny new things, it's interesting and fun to try, but there are plenty of "gotchas" along the way - security being probably the most important consideration.

For example; we offer a Cloud-based labelling product called Label Cloud, which is a method of distributing the ability to print labels to remote users (anywhere in the world), using their local printer and PC as the workstation.  The beauty of this solution is that all of the important data and label designs are stored in the Cloud, so that print users can only interact with the labels and variable data that's in the Cloud, with admin functions such as label creation, connection to the information database and change control, all kept separate and not accessible by users.

Cloud Labelling solutions from Barcode-IT

This data and label information can be highly sensitive, with any mistakes; either accidental or malicious, having painful and disastrous consequences for the business in question. Imagine the trouble that thousands of product labels with rude messages could wreak on a big retail company for example.

So, whilst we are able to enjoy the powerful features of Cloud based applications and all the benefits they can bring, absolute control becomes the most important consideration. Heavy duty security, particularly on the Internet, is a very expensive game to be in and with major customers involved, all wanting an absolute guarantee, it can soon become an impossible task for all but the very largest players to compete. So, how can we ensure our customer's information is secure when hosting a Label Cloud solution?

Well, apparently we don't have to worry. When receiving my invitation to join our in-house Label Cloud demonstration, I was surprised to be asked for a Microsoft or Google email address to use as my login. Annoyed, as I didn't have either, and frankly didn't want either (yet another thing to remember!), it soon became clear why I needed one. It's so that giants like Microsoft and Google can do the "heavy lifting" on the first level of security and authentication, removing the need for additional and costly security measures.

And really, who is better qualified to undertake this difficult security task, than the two largest companies in the IT world?

This example gives us a clear indication of the future of Cloud based solutions. When setting up an account for someone in the Cloud, we won't need to store user detail or passwords, we'll simply send an invitation to a user, using their normal email address and they choose Microsoft or Google accounts to use for authentication. We never know what it is, so can't lose it or have it stolen plus Microsoft and Google act as our "Mighty Gate Keepers", while we get on with providing our customers with powerful remote labelling solutions.  Everybody wins and most importantly stays secure!

So, if you're looking to move your labelling solution into the Cloud to take advantage of the numerous benefits, don't let security concerns put you off. Call the team at Barcode-IT on 01200 441977 or e-mail for full information and a demonstration of Cloud Labelling or any Cloud Application Deployment.

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