Tuesday, 13 December 2016

SAP Mobile Apps - a better way to get mobile with SAP

SAP has had a number of methods to allow workers to connect and use the ERP while working in a mobile environment.

SAP provide mobile tools such as ITS Mobile (Internet Transaction Server), SMP (SAP Mobile Platform) and FIORI.  But many workers find the SAP interfaces cluttered or too dificult to interact with.

Mobile users and workers often have very limited exposure to the normal SAP interface and want simplified access to the transactions they they need every day. Often only a few transactions are used and the fast pace of work-flow means that workers have only seconds between tasks.

Now a suite of SAP applications have been developed with Apps for SAP WM, EWM, PP, SD, QM, MM/IM and ENG. STORES, that focus on the user and the task.  These Apps have been designed to minimise what the user sees and where possible scan barcodes or use drop downs for fast accurate data entry.

SAP Mobile Applications
here we show the standard SAP form and the compact Mobile screen that the mobile worker sees. To SAP the input is the same, so there is no lack of function, just very fast efficient Mobile work-flow.
Mobile workers report that the simplified interface is less prone to mistakes, as the data required is minimised.  Worker frustration levels are also solved as they can concentrate on the task rather than on meeting the input requirements of a complex ERP data system.

A huge range of mobile devices are supported, so the right mobile computer or terminal can be chosen to suit the business need.  From ultra rugged for the warehouse or manufacturing area, to sales and distribution workers, there is a mobile device for all areas of the business. All with a direct connection to your SAP system.  Zebra/Motorola - Datalogic - Honeywell are all supported with a choice of Windows Android or Apple IOS.

These Apps will work within the four walls using Wifi or anywhere that your mobile workers need to go, all with fast and efficient access to the SAP application they need.

Your workers are used to Smart Phones in everyday life and these new SAP Apps allows them to work with SAP in a very familiar way, using barcodes or 2D barcodes to increase performance and accuracy. This enhances their User eXperience (UX) with SAP and speeds work flow.

For more details on how you can revolutionise your SAP driven business, talk to an expert in mobile computer solutions at Barcode-IT.  Contact the team on 01200 441977 - sales@barcode-it.co.uk


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