Thursday, 2 June 2016

Barcode Label Printing from SAP with NiceLabel Enterprise

Printing barcode labels from within SAP is not new, its been going on since I started in this business, which is a very long time ago.

But what has changed is the programming effort that is needed on the SAP side to generate quality barcode labels automatically fro SAP.

I the good (or bad) old days, some poor devil read the coding manual for the label printer of choice, Zebra, Printronix, Intermec, etc and wrote a custom SAP ABAP application to pull the data from the SAP database and then merge it with the hand crafted label design, hard coded from the printer language manual.  It took weeks!  In fact just getting the label design to work perfectly made many a good programmer a little greyer.

But finally SAP pumped out a finely made label and all was well, printers could be installed and labels easily produced.  Until...   Some idiot user or customer or marketing person wanted a change to the label design.  It could have been very minor or it could be a total label rewrite.  Whatever, its a very BIG deal, more or less a full rewrite as it was often easier to start again than try and alter (someone else's) code.

Today life is much easier and SAP Certified Business Connectors are available to allow printers like Zebra and Printronix to accept label information directly from SAP.

But, and its a big but, how easy is it to adapt a pre-defined SAP label ( one designed to support a standard SAP transaction, like a picking label or a warehouse put away label ), to meet the needs of a customer product label or a particular type of EAN 128 pallet label.

Enter NiceLabel and their SAP certified label print process.

Using the NiceLabel enterprise labelling platform, labels are designed using a easy to use Windows application ( NiceLabel Designer Pro ). This is made easy because text, barcode and other label elements can be simply placed on the label, moved around and connected to SAP standard variables, imported by NiceLabel into the designer.  So for example, a part number from SAP can be created as any type of barcode and placed on the label at any location, in any orientation.  Plus for complex barcodes, like those found in EAN 128 pallet labels, where the barcode is made up of an number of data items concatenated together.
NiceLabel does all the hard work of building the complex barcode using the standard data from within SAP.  And for a future proof operation, NiceLabel will build and print 2D barcodes like QR or DataMatrix, soon to be widely used by the Pharma industry ( see this Article )

If you would like to know more about SAP barcode labelling using NiceLabel we are happy to offer demonstrations.

Call 01200 441977 and ask for Jonathan Pressley who will discuss your requirement and offer you a demonstration.  Sales @


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