Wednesday, 1 June 2016

Error! - Print Head too cold

If you have ever see this error message on your barcode label printer "Error! - Print Head too cold", I'm guessing that your business involves working in a cool environment.  I say cool because you can see this label printer error even in a heated warehouse, if your printer is close to the receiving or loading dock main door or gate and the printer is in a cold draft.

Frankly it should not happen to a modern label printer but many of our customer report the error, especially on Zebra printers and of course they thinks its a fault that we can fix!  Well we cant fix it, its just down to poor printer head and electronics design or old fashioned thinking.  The printer detects that it cant heat the head to a high enough temperature to print the labels and so simply refuses to work, no option, no adjustment, tough luck.

So because Zebra printers have been around forever and are normally seen as industrial work horse printers, customers are amazed that merely having the printer in a cool spot close to an door that opens and closes all the time, the printer does not work!

 Flowers begin packed at JZ Flowers at 3 degrees C
I had this in mind recently when a new customer, JZ Flowers, who source and pack bouquet of flowers for all the major supermarkets, needed to print labels at 0-3 degrees C, as the flowers are stored and packed at this temperature to preserve freshness.

Thank goodness that some printer manufacturers are a little more forward thinking and design their printers to work in more challenging environments and my current favourite printer mid range label printer the Sato 4-NX has a working range of 0 degrees c to +40 C.

Still concerned I called the technical guys ( you can never truly trust the sales blurb ) and was assured that yes the Sato NX will indeed operate at 0 degree C.  But the tech guy was really surprised that other manufacturers could have a "Cold Head" error, saying that you just need the electronics to "zap" the head with power any time the head is below optimum temperature, using exactly the normal method used to heat the head for printing labels.

Needless to say JZ Flowers are having the Sato 4NX for their cold environment and we'll definitely be recommending the NX Range for customers who have or might encounter the dreaded "Print Head too cold" error.

Do your printers fail when the frost is on the ground?  Maybe its time for an upgrade to the Sato NX, available in 4 and 6 inch widths, 200, 300 and 600 dpi.

Call 01200 441977 and ask for Nigel Holloway who will discuss your requirement and offer you a demonstration.  Sales @


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