Wednesday, 1 June 2016

Barcode Label Printing - Guide to Best Practises

Barcode label printing
It needs doing but its not that important, is it?

Well yes, its actually very important and can halt your production, shipping or customer acceptance if it fails.  Just as importantly managing how barcode labels are produced can dramatically affect your business efficiency and/or your relationship with your customers.

Traditionally barcode labelling was something that had to be produced for the end product or carton and so was left to the warehouse or production staff. They would use a bit of software and a thermal label printer to knock out the labels and if some were wrong, had incorrect information, bad barcodes or rude messages, well it was a nuisance but not a big deal.

Today it is very different!  Barcodes are a key part of most production systems and warehouses, with the barcode used to identify product for picking and despatch and for customer goods receipt.  So any issue with the barcode, from poor quality to wrong product information can and will result in serious damage to the business.  Read the eBook below to get some perspective about how to bring your label printing in line with current industry best practise and make sure you avoid future problems.

Barcode Labelling - Best Practise Guide
Download your Best Practise Guide here
Our friends at NiceLabel have provided this free Best Practise Guide for Label Printing, that helps you choose the right Label Printing & Management Solution that will modernise and streamline barcode label printing throughout the business.

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