Wednesday, 25 November 2015

2D or not 2D - the Two Dimensional barcode revolution

Two Dimensional Barcodes have never been easier or cheaper to read with more and more barcode readers including a 2D reading option.  Even many Smart Phones will read 2D codes.  But the real revolution is taking place in product identification, manufacturing and logistics, where 2D barcodes like QR and Datamatrix
Manufacturers are using 2D codes to individually identify products to prevent counterfeiting, with the code acting like a serial number.  But these are not products that would normally have a serial number, instead the 2D code carries information about when and where the item was made, what its distribution area is and if the individual code has been properly registered.

Companies like CODIKETT® are offering clients a security service where 2D barcodes are embedded into the product and its packaging, with every code being unique and fully traceable, so that throughout the supply chain the items can be tracked, plus the customer can check the products authenticity and ensure its being sold in the geographical area it was intended for.  See out earlier BLOG on Tangle Teezer for more details.

2D barcodes are also used within logistics and can contain the full routing information as well as the final destination address.  This allows a parcel carrier to read the 2D code anywhere along the route and without having to refer back to a central database, the full routing can be read.  This is important if the consignment has become "orphaned" from rest of the shipment, so that its full delivery routing can be read and the parcel can rapidly rejoin the correct shipment.  Common 2D codes used in shipping include Maxicode, PDF 417 and Aztec.However its the ability to be able to read these 2D codes that is driving their use.  Gone are the days when a 2D scanner was so expensive it could not be deployed in the workplace.
Datalogic Gryphon GD4400 and PowerScan 9500 - Scan any 2D or 1D barcodes
Today manufacturers of barcode readers like Datalogic are bringing 2D reading to almost all barcode scanners and are building advanced readers that will read 1D and 2D barcodes and even scan damaged or partially covered codes, such as when they are covered with shrink-wrap.  These readers are using advanced imaging techniques to read the codes, rather than older laser scanners.  Laser still has its place, but for reading barcodes in any orientation, any symbology, near and far reading, Area Imagers such as the Datalogic PowerScan 9500 and Gryphon GD4400 are leading the way.  Particularly as the 1D barcode reading is even better than older laser readers and if 2D comes along later, the technology is already in place.

For more information on how 2D barcodes could enhance your business, call Nigel Holloway or the sales team at Barcode-IT for more information.  01200 441977

Written by David Parkinson - partner at Dash Computer Products, who specialises in barcode driven WMS, hand held and fork truck mounted computers and data capture solutions.
contact David on 01200 441977 or email here:  Sales@Dash Computer

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