Monday, 6 October 2014

Rhino Hide - Replaceable Screen Protection for Truck Computers

DLoG mobile computers are tough, very tough. Able to withstand the rigours of life bolted to an unsprung fork truck, DLoG computers just keep on working.

But accidents do happen and a number of customers have reported that the surface of screens are being damaged by some workers using sharp and inappropriate tools, pens etc instead of a finger or correct stylus.  Plus when workers use heavy duty gloves, embedded with grit, metal filing or other abrasive dust, the surface of the screen can become dulled or opaque, where the worker constantly uses the same area of the screen.

To combat this damage Barcode-IT will now offer a sacrificial screen protector called Rhino Hide, for all DLoG computers.

Rhino Hide is a super strong totally clear overlay that works in exactly the same way as the protected screen beneath, allowing the user to view, touch and interact with the screen as before. Except now Rhino Hide is protecting the screen and absorbing any cuts, nicks and scratches accidentally impacting the screen.

However the real beauty of Rhino Hide is that when damaged, it can easily be removed and replaced with a new Hide, keeping the DLoG in service instead of being returned to the workshop for (sometimes expensive) screen repair.  Rhino Hide can be replaced in situ, quickly and easily by an on-site technical support person or fork truck engineer in just ten minutes.

Rhino Hide can be fitted from new or added to existing DLoG computers.  Call today to order yours and start benefiting from reduced down time.  Also available for Psion, Motorola, LXE, Intermec and Honeywell Truck Computers.

Written by Nigel Holloway - a senior sales consultant at Dash Computer Products, who specialises in barcode labelling systems, hand held and fork truck mounted computers and data capture solutions.
contact Nigel on 01200 441977 or email here:  Nigel@Dash Computer

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