Tuesday, 21 October 2014

Are thin client conversions the solution to Win XP Fork Truck computer woes?

Earlier this year we commented on the issue for large Enterprises who need to end the use of Windows XP PCs on their network, but who have Truck Mounted computers with lots of life left in them only able to run XP.

One possible solution has come to us from DLoG in Germany, the use of an Industrial Thin Client, that can replace the original Win XP OS with a super thin client firmware that allows the computer to access remote VDI (Virtual Desktop Infrastructure) like VMWare, Citrix or Microsoft RDP.

This may seem pretty ordinary these days, with Thin and Zero client devices being used across many corporations.  But its the ability to re-purpose existing rugged computers, some less than three years old and in perfect working order, with many years of service left in them and make them look and feel like the latest Win 7 or even Win 8 computers, that is so interesting.

DLoG GmbH working with iGEL Technologies, a specialist supplier of Zero and Thin Client devices, have created a firmware image for the DLoG MTC 6/10, that installs one of the best industrial Thin Clients available.  The original project was not even to re-use older hardware, but was to create new super rugged Truck computers for the Automotive industry that was quick and easy to deploy and has no OS to support in the factory.

So instead of having to replace expensive truck computers with the latest hardware and latest operating system, before their time, Enterprise customer can now host any operating system they choose that runs on Virtual Desktop Infrastructure.

The benefits of using IGEL on a DLoG MTC 6 computer include:
  • Easy set-up within minutes for quick roll-outs - just "plug in and go"
  • No support issues for Windows security updates
  • Robust construction for use in industrial and production environments
  • Huge reduction in maintenance support costs due to straightforward, centralised remote administration
  • Extremely environmentally friendly: CO2 emissions and electricity consumption up to 77% lower than with regular PCs
  • No moving parts for greater reliability, longer service life and fewer failures, ensuring a reliable 27/4 operation
If you want to see if your DLoG XP truck computer can use this upgrade, call the Barcode-IT team 01200 441977.  Or check out our website here : DLoG Thin Client

Written by David Parkinson - partner at Dash Computer Products, who specialises in barcode driven WMS, hand held and fork truck mounted computers and data capture solutions.
contact David on 01200 441977 or email here:  Sales@Dash Computer

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