Thursday, 14 August 2014

Fork truck label printers - Small and rugged does not come cheap!

The growing installation of truck and vehicle mounted computers in manufacturing and warehouse operations, such as DLoG DLT truck computers, is driving demand for an ultra rugged method of producing barcode labels at the point of need. Often this means mounting a label printer directly on the truck so that the driver can print labels on demand rather than returning to a "print station", wasting time and creating potential errors in the labelling of goods or pallets. Some have tried to use portable printers from Zebra and Intermec but with limited success, as being bolted to a fork truck is not the same as hanging from some guys belt or a nicely sprung car or delivery van, fork trucks don't have suspension!

The good news is that there is a printer that has been around for a while and has a fantastic specification but seems to be a closely guarded secret in this market sector.

But before I let you in on this precious secret, I need to pose a question:
If you buy a powerful desktop PC with a particular spec and then by a super slim laptop with a similar spec, would you expect to pay more for the laptop than the desktop PC?

I'm anticipating that you will say the laptop will be much more expensive and in fact the smaller and thinner the more it will cost!

So, why do we expect that a small mobile label printer, capable of printing exactly the same labels, to the same quality at the same speed, but in a moving, rugged environment should be cheaper than a desktop label printer?

OK I'm ready to come clean now.      Small and Rugged does not come cheap!
But if the fork truck cost tens of thousands and the mobile PC two or three grand, its only reasonable that a mobile printer bolted to your fork truck, with the same abilities as the Zebra xi4 or Datamax H-Class, is going to cost more too.

Datamax-Oneil MP Compact4
In fact many of Europe's leading supply chain companies have already bought into this concept and have been using ultra rugged, mobile label printers for ages. Bolted to fork trucks, reach truck, narrow isle, man-rider and all other types of industrial vehicle, these printers just keep on working and are designed to cope with anything the industrial user can throw at them.
Its such a secret, this is the only action shot I can find

For more details about how this printer might help your business please call the team at Barcode-IT on 01200 441977 or visit the Mobile Printer secret web page here

There is a very interesting Video on YouTube that shows how Bossard, a global fastening supplier to the Automotive industry used The MP Compact4 to solve a warehouse problem.

MP Compact4 warehouse video - link 

Written by David Parkinson - partner at Dash Computer Products, who specialises in barcode labelling systems, hand held and fork truck mounted computers and data capture solutions.
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