Wednesday, 9 July 2014

Why installation & training is important for advanced labelling solutions

When customers purchase advanced labelling software like NiceLabel PowerForms or Automation, they may forget just how much more the business can benefit if users and administrators are properly trained to release the solution's full potential.  Some users buy expensive software and self deploy, which can be fine, but often means that the users may never implement design best practise or miss out on complex but vital features that can make the difference between a cost effective system and an adequate tool.

A good example is a recent new customer, Quotient Clinical who have installed a five user copy of NiceLabel PowerForms to manage their printing of Clinical Trial Labels. Although the volume of printing is quite small, the accuracy of the information and the quality of the label material (polypropylene) is paramount.  Errors on the label or a failure of the label itself could invalidate the whole trial which could cost many thousands to re-run and delay the introduction of important new drugs.

NiceLabel PowerForm clinical trials

Quotient Clinical realise that to get the best out of PowerForms, the IT administrators, the label and data architects and the users of the system, should be fully trained by our expert in NiceLabel, Craig Hirst. Craig not only advised on how best to set-up PowerForms for a multi-user environment, but trained staff in all aspects of label design, thermal label printers and Forms . Craig has a huge amount of experience with Pharma and Medical labelling solutions, advising many NHS hospitals and Trusts on how to best set up the laboratory information and label printing systems.

NiceLabel PowerForms is a perfect tool to allow operators to input or scan (barcode) data into the form and allows a degree of data validation on input so operator input errors are reduced. A real-time preview of the label is displayed on the form, which is an exact copy of the label being printed on to the Datamax H-Class label printer being used. This ensures that even if the operator has made an error he is presented with a "real" label image, before printing the hard copy.

In other industries, PowerForms offers drop down boxes or pulls data from SQL or other databases, to further minimise the operator input. But at  Quotient Clinical, the information input by the user is the beginning of the record, which does not exist until it's been printed.

More and more customers are realising that to unlock the real power and features of software products like PowerForms, training and on-going technical support are paramount, something that Barcode-IT and the support team at NiceLabel excel at.

For further information on how PowerForms could transform your label printing, contact the team at Barcode-IT. For training or support we can tailor a solution to your needs.
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