Monday, 14 July 2014

NiceLabel PowerForms - Forming Powerful Solutions

One of the most underrated features on the NiceLabel range of products is the Powerforms module (previously Niceform).  Packaged with Designer Pro, the main intention of this module is to provide a quick and clean GUI for operators.  Essentially hiding away all the mechanics of label design, printer settings, ODBC connections, fonts, graphic placement etc. and making the interface quick, clean and most importantly protected from unintentional alterations and errors.

Over the years however, we at Barcode-IT have come to recognise that there are far reaching benefits to be had from clever utilisation of this fantastic tool kit.

Recently I tendered for a project with an electronics company where the idea for the solution went back some years to a previous customer project that we developed using PowerForm.

That customer is in the automotive sector (I know, sorry but we do a lot of work in this sector!) for an electronics component manufacturer supplying directly into main assembly at Nissan (amongst others).  They approached us to help them enhance and refine their labelling system in light of new and more complex packaging specifications from the clients.  Previously they had driven this by stand alone copies of Bar One software and manually selected and input data to the label design.

The user touches a button to proceed to one of the Forms below.
The user then uses the interface revealed to choose the correct part and enter the codes. 

Finally a Box End label is printed
Our solution using NiceLabel introduced a number of improvements including a networked installation with back up license servers (a little known standard feature in multi-user NiceLabel), intelligent database connectivity and advanced event logging.  But the key feature was the Powerforms front end. We designed a layered structure of forms to allow for operators to easily navigate to the correct product, using customer logos and colour schemes to make it easily identifiable and included a 'live' label preview that changed dynamically as they input data.  This data was carefully verified in terms of formatting to help ensure compliance.  All in all a huge leap forward!

So successful has this been over the years, that the solution is still running today and has been copied and rolled out to other sites all over the EU to enhance accurate labelling of products.

But there are far more possibilities for Powerforms than even this.  Who says it has to drive label printing as its primary function?  It could be used for data input to ERP systems or act as a link to view and manipulate data between different software systems.  It could track any variable or defined process that requires an easy, clean and cheap front end, all while being fully customisable, sometimes by internal IT, to suit the exact user needs.

If my aforementioned proposal comes off I will tell you all soon exactly how I used this simple system to create something far more powerful.  In the meantime take a look at Powerforms to see just what it can do - PowerForms Page

Written by Nigel Holloway - a senior sales consultant at Dash Computer Products, who specialises in barcode labelling systems, hand held and fork truck mounted computers and data capture solutions.
contact Nigel on 01200 441977 or email here:  Nigel@Dash Computer

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  1. So what you are saying is that some companies have been using Nice Forms for years? Can you post some more examples please, we are seeing a lot of interest in #PowerForms