Monday, 16 June 2014

Why you need Automation ( for label printing )

Barcode label printing is such an important part of the manufacturing or shipping of any product that you would think that it would be considered an important process for any business. However you would be wrong, with many companies running antiquated label production systems relying on information entered by an operator at print time with little or no management oversight on the format or data integrity of the labels being sent out.

Finally we are seeing some real progress in the Automation of label printing, where all the data and the instruction for what label to print and which printer to print it to, comes directly from the Manufacturing or ERP system, giving full control of the quality and accuracy of the labels.

NiceLabel Automation Pro has all the features needed to produce perfect labels first time every time, without human intervention ( unless you want intervention that is), using label templates created on a professional WYSIWYG designer ( NiceLabel Pro ).

Automation runs as a fully integrated service and runs in the background on a server, whenever labels are requested by the ERP.  Automation monitors multiple "triggers" at the same time, so that labels can be printed to any network label printer "on the fly".

Zebra Label printers use NiceLabel drivers.
Label printer support is the very best in the business and has drivers for every make and model of printer in the business.  In fact the World's biggest label printer manufacturer, Zebra Technologies, use NiceDrivers as their own a massive vote on confidence in itself.

NiceLabel Automation and its supporting designer and tools, run on Windows platforms, but don't be put off by this as Automation can monitor print requests from any ERP or data system running on any operating system and because it runs as a service on the Windows server, its immune from operator errors or data input issues.   Plus as a bonus, you can get a full audit file of all the labels printed, the data merged and full history of what was printed and when.

Take a leap into label printing in the 21st century and look at NiceLabel Automation, you might be surprised just how much it might improve your business.

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