Friday, 6 June 2014

Mobile data terminals browser based clients and RDP

Here at Barcode-IT we have seen a lot of our customers who use mobile terminals to connect to their ERP, changing from the old "green screen" Telnet sessions, to Browser based clients, like ITS Mobile for SAP users.

The problem being seen by many is that if the WiFi connection is lost, even just for a second or so, the session on the ERP system is broken and the user may have to start the transaction again.

This can be very challenging for the operator as it may result in a request to log in again and/or not allow the new login as the previous session is still active.  Either way it is maddening for both the user and the Admin team alike.

Some customers have even tried to have the browser client hosted on a remote PC using an RDP connection, but this too can be troublesome and the licensing can be very expensive.

The "Real" solution is to have an Industrial Browser such as Velocity from Wavelink, the next generation in Mobile Enterprise Browsers.
Velocity is both a client side Industrial Browser running on the mobile and a Server side host that manages all the clients requests to the ERP and protecting the sessions from connection interruptions and poor WiFi performance. It does this by acting as the proxy to the ERP and keeping the sessions alive even if the mobile client connection is lost.  So that when the mobile client reconnects to the Velocity server, the current ERP session is continued as if the mobile device had never gone way.   Velocity Overview Document

Security - Performance - Resilience

  • In addition Velocity offer other Enterprise features, such as restricted web access and device and OS lock down
  • Page rendering optimization and page caching (which enhances performance)

To learn more or to see if your Mobile workforce could benefit from this exciting new technology call the sales team at Barcode-IT now.  01200 441977 or visit our web site  Barcode-IT Website

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