Monday, 30 June 2014

EU Allergen regulations problem solved by Singleton's Dairies using NiceLabel

A Lancashire cheese manufacturer is a little closer to meeting new European Union regulations on Food Allergens by upgrading to the latest version of NiceLabel Powerforms.

Singleton's Dairies make top quality, iconic Lancashire cheese sold under the Grandma Singleton's brand, which is exported all over the world, but forthcoming EU regulations on the labeling of Food Allergens have required a complete re-think of the labeling process to ensure full compliance with the directive.

Fortunately Singletons have been long time users of NiceLabel and so the transition to a full database method of label printing, required to allow food allergens to be correctly identified and emboldened on every label, while still a big job, is now a manageable task.  In fact Singletons are such loyal users of NiceLabel, that they have used every version of NiceLabel over the last 11 years, from version 3 to 4 to 5 and now version 6 - NiceLabel PowerForms.

Currently EU regulations list 14 possible allergens in food ingredients, with every label now needing to show "which" allergens are contained for each and every product.  With thousands of products and variations in the range, this task needs automating to make sure no mistakes are made and so NiceLabel have developed an 'intelligent' database of the allergens, which is checked against the ingredients list at print time and if any allergen is contained in the ingredients, it is automatically made bold or underlined to allow the customer to immediately see the allergen they may wish to avoid.

Barcode-IT are also advising Singletons on the best way to structure the data and label templates, to make the whole system future proof and easy to manage, so that the number of label templates is minimised and new products information is pulled in from Microsoft Dynamics ERP automatically using ODBC.

Further information on NiceLabel Powerforms, EU food allergen directives or barcode labeling, contact the Barcode-IT team on 01200 441977 -

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