Thursday, 5 June 2014

Does your XP truck computer represent a security risk?

With the end of support for Windows XP, is there a security risk in continuing to run these computers on the network?

Many modern truck computers use Windows XP as the default operating system, even if there is a client application or terminal emulation actually connecting the truck computer to the ERP system.

The good news is that most DLoG computers use XP embedded, which is highly resistant to change, virus attack or trojans. XP embedded is loaded from a flash image, which cannot be changed by an external application or program and the whole operating system is reloaded everytime the truck terminal is re-started.

This means that any virus or trojan that has infected the computer is flushed away upon a computer reboot or powerdown

Some older truck computers using full Windows XP Pro, could well represent a security rick, as many companes do not have in place the full suite of anti-virus and security applications normally seen on office computers and workstations.

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